The Hutchens Difference

Posted by Grant Nolen on

No company is perfect, no matter what they tell you. What sets Hutchens apart from our competitors is our customer service; we stand behind all of our products and services. Hutchens doesn’t just send products to our clients, we build relationships with our clients to find the most economical, efficient option. For us, if the product fails due to faulty work or components, we take responsibility.


At Hutchens, we understand the need for economical options.  Depending on the job, the client, and their equipment, our quality re-runs can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost a year.  In fact, almost all of our clients quickly switch to the Hutchens Rebuild Program.  However, it is our duty to remind our customers that our Premium Reruns are great 99% of the time, but once in a blue moon, like every other drill bit company, our reruns can run into problems.  If that blue moon moment happens to you, rest assured that we will stand behind our product and repair or replace at no charge to you. That is the Hutchens Difference.


True story. The year is 2017, Pennsylvania pipeline is booming. Orders are coming in hot, welders are working overtime, and build time for all bit companies is extended. Hutchens gets the call, another Hutchens client is mobilizing to the Mariner East 2 Pipeline. We proudly sent out (4) 24” Premium Rerun Hole Openers. Within 2 weeks of the reamers reaching the field, we received a call; every single cone has lost seals within the first few hundred feet. The contractor is rightfully upset. We have reached worst case scenario, but what happens next? Hutchens requests to pick up the reamers to examine what has caused the failure. Long behold, despite our extensive examination of the reruns, they were not up to standard. Hutchens immediately expedites a rebuild at no charge with the highest quality components available.


Hutchens is with our customers for the long haul.  What does your current supplier do when things go wrong?





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